Wedderburn celebrates 30 years of NATA accreditation


13th November 2023

Last month Wedderburn was recognised for 30 years of continuous NATA accreditation. This is a significant milestone for Wedderburn, and NATA presented us with a special 30-year accreditation certificate to commemorate the occasion. We’d like to congratulate our team on this impressive achievement and thank everyone involved in setting up and maintaining our NATA endorsed laboratories in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

What is NATA?

NATA is Australian’s leading national accreditation body, recognised by the Australian government to assess organisations against international standards and award accreditation to organisations that meet or exceed minimum standards of conformity.

How is Wedderburn accredited by NATA?

Wedderburn demonstrated its technical competence to operate in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard and is accredited by NATA to perform mass, balance and weighing appliance calibrations listed on its NATA Scope of Accreditation, using NATA endorsed National Measurement Institute (NMI) procedures.

This allows Wedderburn labs to issue NATA endorsed calibration certificates/reports covered by its NATA scope of accreditation. In turn, this allows Wedderburn to provide its customers with high quality traceable test results that can be used to ensure the suitability of their equipment.

Wedderburn customers can trust that NATA endorsed calibrations ensure their weighing instruments and masses meet the highest standards, offering accurate measurements with full traceability.

How did Wedderburn come to be accredited with NATA?

Wedderburn established our first NATA endorsed laboratory in Sydney in 1993, in response to a growing need for NATA calibration services for our customers. Following the establishment of our Sydney lab, we received accreditation for our Brisbane lab in 1999, our Melbourne lab in 2001 and our Perth lab in 2009.

What does NATA accreditation mean to Wedderburn?

NATA accreditation has played a pivotal role in the success of Wedderburn Labs, it ensures the accuracy and reliability of our measurements, which is crucial in our line of work.

In addition, NATA accreditation has allowed us to obtain appointments from NMI Australia as a verifying authority for Reference Standards of Measurement and Physical Quantities of Artefacts for all four of our labs. These NMI appointments empower us to issue Regulation 13 and Regulation 34C certificates. This dual accreditation – NATA lab accreditation and NMI appointment – enables Wedderburn to not only meet our own mass calibration requirements, but also fulfil our customers’ needs for mass, balance, and weighing instrument calibrations efficiently.

What NATA services does Wedderburn offer?

As a NATA accredited organisation we are able to provide NATA endorsed calibration reports to show the performance of your balances, weighing instruments and masses. These reports are important when working with quality systems ensuring compliance to standards such as ISO programs. The reports contain information such as the date of calibration, results of testing and the traceability of masses to national and international standards.

Wedderburn offers mass calibrations in the lab, and Balance and Weighing Instrument calibrations both in the lab or in the field.

Thank you to NATA for recognising our 30-year accreditation and congratulations to the Wedderburn NATA team on this milestone.

If you need confirmation that your equipment is weighing accurately for ISO or other QA requirements, a NATA calibration from one of our laboratories might be just what you need. Contact our team for more information on NATA calibration today.

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