General Purpose Scales

Wide range of general purpose weighing scales for weighing across all industries. Choose a scale to suit your weighing needs based on the maximum weight you will need to weigh up to (capacity), the smallest weight you will want weighing details on (graduation or increment), the physical size and style of weighing scale you need, and the environment the scale will be in. Our selection of General Purpose Scales below are displayed in order of maximum weighing capacity.

Checkweigher Scale


NMI approved for trade use, compact stainless steel bench scales with check weighing. (Weigh up to 30kg)

Platform size (mm): 240 x 198

Stainless Steel Dial Bench Scale


Dial bench scales that deliver reliable, general purpose mechanical weighing. (Weigh up to 20kg)

Platform size (mm): 220 x 220

Robust Dial Bench Scale


Robust, easy to clean, stainless steel dial scale for reliable mechanical weighing. (Weigh up to 50kg)

Platform size (mm): 325 x 325

Heavy Duty Mechanical Floor Scale


NMI approved, heavy duty industrial scales with mechanical dial. Cast aluminium base. (Weigh up to 100kg)

Platform size (mm): 330 x 410

Hanging Dial Scale


Classic dial hanging scale with proven reliability and heavy duty construction.

Weigh up to 25kg

Hanging Dial Scale


Sturdy and reliable dial hanging scales with top shackle and bottom hook. Many capacities.

Weigh up to 100kg

Digital Mini Scale


Pocket sized mini digital scales for weighing small objects. Choice of weight units available. (Weigh up to 200g)

Platform size (mm): 74 x 65

Digital Mini Scale


Mini scales for weighing small objects. Portable, pocket sized and lightweight. (Weigh up to 300g)

Platform size (mm): 105 x 75

Compact Bench Scale


Compact portable bench scales with stainless steel platter & easy to read display. (Weigh up to 5kg)

Platform size (mm): 183 x 183

Portable Bench Scale


General purpose, portable bench scales with highly accurate counting functionality. (Weigh up to 20kg)

Platform size (mm): 210 x 190

Portable Bench Scale


Compact and portable bench scales with HI LO OK checking functionality & overload protection. (Weigh up to 30kg)

Platform size (mm): 337 x 248

Robust Bench Scale


A robust weighing solution with counting, checkweighing and animal mode functionality. (Weigh up to 60kg)

Platform size (mm): 400 x 300

General Purpose Digital Hanging Scale


Lightweight digital hanging scales with die cast aluminium housing. Choice of weighing units. (Weigh up to 300kg)

General Purpose Floor Scale


Platform Scales with counting function, check weighing & animal weighing modes. (Weigh up to 150kg)

Platform scale (mm): 400 x 500

General Purpose Floor Scale


NMI approved, sturdy digital platform scales suitable for general purpose weighing. (Weigh up to 300kg)

Platform size: capacity dependent

Multi-Purpose Platform Scale


Robust platform scales complete with animal weighing mode, counting and check weighing. (Weigh up to 300kg)

Platform size (mm): 900 x 500

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