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Maintaining high standards and healthy profits in the highly competitive fitness industry can be more challenging than the toughest of boot camps.

That’s why providing innovative solutions to enhance your service, inspire your clients and provide your fitness centre with a point of difference is paramount to your gym’s success.

Wedderburn helps you stay ahead of the competition with innovative weighing solutions that enhance your business and improve your bottom line.


Cutting Edge Systems That Do So Much More Than Weigh

Our dynamic range of scales vary from basic weighing models right through to those with full body composition measurement and analysis software.


Body Composition Analysers

As a professional in the health and fitness sector, you know that it’s important to measure more than weight alone. BMI monitoring plays a vital part in health management and Wedderburn have a range of innovative solutions to suit. We provide weight and health management systems from basic dial weight scales or mid-range BMI weight scales, right through to complex multi-segmental body compo-sition analysers complete with intelligent software to help you manage client progress over

Our ARTG registered analysers are invaluable for monitoring your clients health. These advanced scales weigh full body composition including BMI, body fat, total body water, visceral fat, basal meta-bolic rate, metabolic age, physique rating, muscle and bone mass and more.


Kitchen and Health Bar Supplies

  • Our portable bench scales are perfect for a gym’s kitchen or food bar. Quickly and easily measure out accurate portion control every time.
  • Labelling solutions for snack meals and nutritional supplements.
  • Cash registers for fast accurate over the counter transactions.

Provide the best level of service with accuracy and ease, call 1300 933 337 and speak to a Wedderburn specialist today.

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Tray Sealers

Tray Sealers are the perfect solution for gyms wanting to extend the shelf life of their prepped meals.

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