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Weighing Scales

Weighing scales you can rely on - from heavy-duty industrial or medical scales to retail scales, we have it all.

Weigh anything from 0.01 mg to 250 ton. We supply balances , bench scales, counting scales, body composition scales, checkweighers, crane scales, counting scales, dial scales, medical and personal scales, weighing solutions software and more. Browse our great range today.

Fitness Scales

Fitness Scales

We offer a wide range of products for gyms and fitness centres including Tanita body composition equipment, the gold standard in body composition.

Health & Medical Equipment

Health & Medical Equipment

Wide range of Medical Scales and Personal Weight Scales. We have baby scales, body composition scales, wheelchair scales and height measuring instruments.

Retail Scales

Retail Scales

Weighing Solutions to support all your retail weighing requirements. NMI approved scales and labellers.

Scales for weighing whatever you need

At Wedderburn, we offer a full range of weighing scales to suit all industries including retail, laboratories, health & fitness, medical and more. We have an extensive selection of digital platform scales, lab balances, food weighing solutions (including portion control systems), bench and countertop scales, and heavy-duty platform scales


We understand the importance of accuracy and reliability to your business. With over 125 years of experience providing quality weight scale solutions to businesses across Australia and New Zealand, you can trust your Wedderburn weighing scales to perform time after time.


Industrial and Food Manufacturing

We offer a range of scales suited to the food manufacturing industry, including all-in-one weigh, price labellers, in-line weigh labelling systems, packaging equipment and more.


Bench Scales and checkweighers

We offer a comprehensive range of bench scales and checkweighers, including dial and digital bench scales. Capacities range  from 4 kg x 0.1 g up to 60 kg x 10 g with accuracy and reliability. Suitable for retail, hospitality and industrial applications including  fresh food retailers like butchers, kitchens who need accurate weighing portion control and food and non-food manufacturers.


Counting Scales

Ensure accurate counts  with our smart counting scales. These scales are ideal for counting small items with predetermined weights, such as pills, coins and screws. Our counting scales often come with programmable set points for counting and weighing, along with rechargeable batteries making them easily  portable Breeze through your next stock take.


Labelling Scales and Wrappers

We offer a selection of trade-approved labelling scales and wrappers for a simple all-in-one weighing packaging and labelling solution. We have manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping systems available to suit a variety of budgets and applications.


Fitness Scales

We offer a full range of body weight scales, BMI scales and body fat scales for use in the fitness industry, including industry-leading Tanita body composition analysers.


Body Weight Scales

Help clients track their fitness goals with our range of body composition analysers and body weight scales. We offer a range of body composition scales that can accurately assess body weight, body fat, body water and other metrics. These scales are popular in the health and fitness industry for helping clients achieve their weight loss goals and in medical and hospital settings for assessing and monitoring health. 


Weight scales and height measuring

We offer a range of professional weight and height measuring scales for medical professionals and the health industry. We also offer bathroom scales for domestic use. 


Health and Medical Equipment

At Wedderburn we offer quality medical weight scales, including professional scales for patient weighing, wheelchair scales, baby scales, body composition scales and height measurement equipment . All are designed for accuracy, hygiene and comfort. Our ARTG-registered products include baby scales to high-capacity medical chair scales, wheelchair scales and a patient transfer scale.


Retail Scales

We offer a range of retail scales, including butcher scales, fruit and vegetable scales, and counting scales for use in supermarkets and non-food retailers. We’re trusted by retailers who need accurate weighing instruments which are NMI approved for trade use. 


Hanging Scales

Ideal for weighing fresh produce, these scales are popular with supermarkets and smaller food retailers. These user-friendly scales provide fast, accurate weights, best suited to fresh produce sections, butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers. 


Price computing scales

Our range of price computing scales are an ideal solution for weighing, pricing and labelling applications. Approved by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) for trade use in Australia, these smart weighing  scales can weigh up to 30 kg. 


Weigh scales with Wedderburn

At Wedderburn, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying leading-edge weighing scales since 1896. As an Australian family-owned business, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and reliable, high quality weighing equipment. Our team is here to provide dedicated support along with professional weighing scale calibration, repairs, maintenance and professional servicing. 


Contact our team for professional advice on the right solution for your business. 

Wedderburn was exactly what we were looking for – their compostable label complements our organic herbal teas and is in line with our ethos of being healthy for you and your environment. Their outstanding customer service was just a bonus.

Collen and Caitlyn, Nurses Brew

Amazing service and our compostable labels look great! Wedderburn are helping us in our ongoing journey to minimise our business’s impact on the environment.

Stu Hargie, Turning Point Coffee

The Hazeldenes procurement and sales team want to say thank-you for the hard work you do with regards to Hazeldenes label orders and the speed that you can get them done and delivered to us. We understand it is a team effort and the production teams normally only receive feedback when it is bad. So, we want to say thank-you. We love Wedderburn… Your quality of work and customer service well exceeds our expectations, and we want to acknowledge your efforts as a whole team.


Amazing service and our compostable labels look great! Wedderburn are helping us in our ongoing journey to minimise our business impact on the environment.

Turning Point Coffee

Wedderburn was exactly what we were looking for – their compostable label complements our organic herbal teas and is in line with our ethos of being healthy for you and your environment. Their outstanding customer service was just a bonus.

Nurses Brew

Wedderburn have given us a seamless transition to a new labelling machine, that proved to be a change for the better.  Very happy with all the professional advice on our new demands and how easily they adapted to our needs. Cheers to the whole team for a faultless process.

David Bourke

Master Catering Services

Wedderburn have a really good reputation in all butcher shops as well as in your bigger chains for being accurate, professional and your machines last.

Billy Gibney

Meat at Billy’s

The new Wedderburn Atria Point of Sale Solution is a responsive, productive and user-friendly POS system that fits perfectly with our diverse product offering including bulk, fresh produce, in house labelled prepack and standard grocery lines. With multiple new retail and packing locations, we’re very pleased to say goodbye to messy VPN’s and network related system crashes.

Ryan O’Connor

Terra Madre

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