Food Slicers

Manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic meat slicers to suit all budgets and workloads, from infrequent use to high performance models. Our food slicers are designed with food hygiene and operator safety in mind.

Fly Wheel Manual Slicer


Create your very own theatre of food with this stunning food slicer packed with character and functionality.

Economical Food Slicer


Professional food & meat slicer. Compact design makes this slicer ideal for compact business spaces.

Manual Food Slicer


Heavy duty manual food slicer. CE approved with a maximum slice thickness of 15mm.

Manual Food Slicer


Economical gear driven commercial meat slicer with a large diameter blade.

Manual Food Slicer


Heavy duty manual food slicer with a high capacity for extra large cuts of meat.

Manual Food Slicer


Manual food slicer ideal for professional butchers and kitchens. German engineering.

Heavy Duty Food Slicer


Heavy duty food slicer packed with useful functionality and safety features.

Semi-Auto Food Slicer


Semi-automatic food slicer with an adjustable salami fence to keep products round and stable.

Semi-Auto Food Slicer


Large capacity semi-automatic food slicer featuring a blade removal tool for safety. (350mm blade diameter)

Heavy Duty Semi-Auto Food Slicer


Semi-automatic slicer featuring the latest German technology and engineering. Robust and reliable. (330mm blade diameter)

Fully-Auto Food Slicer Stacker


Fully automatic commercial grade meat stacking slicer with high quality German engineering. (300mm blade diameter)

Heavy Duty Meat Slicer


Heavy duty fresh meat slicer designed especially for butchers and meat processing plants. (350mm blade diameter)

Food Slicer with Check Weigher


Meat food slicer with a check weigher. Smooth high-grade anodic design. (300mm blade diameter)

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