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Create the Perfect Balance for Your Laboratory

Investing in quality equipment is key to a productive laboratory. Not only does it guarantee accurate results, it minimise down time, eliminates wastage and ultimately gives your facility the ideal outcome – accurate results and healthy profits.

Whether large or small, your laboratory will benefit from the diversified range of solutions we offer to streamline your processes.


Don’t Just Hope Your Results are Accurate, Guarantee It

Highly accurate Laboratory Balances and scales are a must for every laboratory’s operation. That’s why Wedderburn is meticulous when it comes to selecting a superior range of systems to enhance your business:

  • Analytical balances, moisture analysers, heavy duty balances and test weights all expertly designed to suit your facility and your budget.
  • Hard working Label Printers that efficiently display information for a range of products or packages.
  • Wide selection of test weights for your own in-house verification processes.
  • Ongoing Technical Services from our accredited technicians to ensure your equipment is verified in accordance with quality assurance programs including NATA test and scale calibration reports and performance certificates.

Just like the perfect formula, our integrated systems enhance each component of your facility.

Call us on 1300 933 377 today for superior solutions.

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