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Improve safety and consistency with our reliable product inspection systems.

Quality control of food processing and manufacturing is under ever increasing scrutiny. Quality Assurance systems, demands on profitability and productivity, regulatory bodies and consumer demands all mean successful plants need impecible quality control systems.

Our Industrial Metal Detection Machines can provide the edge you’re looking for.  They are engineered to enhance product quality, consistency and safety in both food and non-food production lines and in doing so, protect your brand value and integrity.

Metal Detector

Our product inspection systems include metal detectors, ideal for quality control and safety in production lines.

Metal detectors and product inspection systems to keep your customers safe

Our Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector is Australia’s number one choice for quality assurance. This product inspection system can scan a combination of up to five frequencies to overcome the limitation of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors, which often miss metal contaminants hidden in products. It’s almost like having five metal detectors in one.

Thanks to the multiscan technology, our food quality control machines allow you to detect up to 70% smaller contaminants than previous models or technologies. The digital graphic display allows you to phase, reject, quality test, and detect items while also allowing you to fine-tune and troubleshoot any issues.

Our system is IP69K rated for a thorough wash-down and dust relief, helping to reduce repair costs.


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At Wedderburn, we’re committed to keeping your customers safe and protecting your brand – that’s why we offer the best food quality control systems on the market. Our product inspection systems are engineered to increase quality, consistency, and safety in food and non-food production lines, helping to safeguard the reputation of Australian brands. 

Contact your local Wedderburn team for advice and recommendations about our food inspection systems. We have experienced sales and service professionals strategically located throughout Australia to provide your business with the right advice and support your equipment no matter where you’re located.


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