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Specialised Food Processing Equipment

In addition to all our other commercial food processing equipment we also stock a range of specialty Food Equipment for efficient food processing.  Our range includes commercial grade patty makersindustrial cheese graters and meatball forming machines. Our commercial grade food equipment is designed to bring consistency, efficiency and quality control to any commercial kitchen or food preparation business. All are made with food hygiene and operator safety in mind.

Bench Top Patty Maker - WFP2013

Bench Top Patty Maker


Create patties and biscuits easily with our automatic patty maker. Compact and powerful.

Make up to 2000 patties per hour

Bench-top Cheese Grater - WFG40BSA

Bench-top Cheese Grater


designed to meet your small to medium production requirements.

Motor 0.75 kW, 1 hp

Balling Machine - WFPMDB03

Balling Machine


Meat Balling Machine for perfectly formed portion controlled meat balls every time.

Make up to 4000 balls per hour