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Counting Scales

Our Digital Counting Scales are an ideal solution for counting coins, screws, componentry, pills and other items of similar weight which can be programmed into the scale. Most of our Counting Scales have programmable set-points for easily managing under and over weighing or counting. They are displayed in order of scale type, then maximum weighing capacity.

Coin Counting Scales - TSDMC782

Coin Counting Scales


Australian coin counting scales with high resolution for improved efficiency and accuracy. (Weigh up to 30kg)

Platform size (mm): 300 x 225

Counting Scale - TSDC782

Counting Scale


Highly accurate counting scales for counting small (weighing as low as 0.2g) or large items. (Weigh up to 30kg)

Platform size (mm): 300 x 225

Counting Scale - WS300

Counting Scale


Highly accurate, portable counting scale with large stainless steel platter. (Weigh up to 30kg)

Platform size (mm): 337 x 248

Precision Counting Scale - TSDC788

Precision Counting Scale


Accurate and easy to use counting scale with programmable memory for frequently counted parts. (Weigh up to: 50kg)

Platform size: capacity dependent

High Capacity Counting Scale - WS303

High Capacity Counting Scale


Increase operational efficiency with this high capacity counting scale. (Weigh up to 120kg)

Platform size (mm): 330 x 450