We guarantee that when dispatched to you the goods will be of acceptable quality. In the event that goods are not of acceptable quality when dispatched by us, you should immediately contact us.

For all household goods (as defined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Act (ACL), if there is a major failure of one of our guarantees, you are entitled to a refund or to reject the item and to get an identical replacement or one of similar value if reasonably available or to keep the goods and get compensation for the drop in value caused by the problem. If there is a minor failure we can choose to repair or replace any item sold by us or to offer you a refund.

For non-household goods we can choose in our absolute discretion to repair, refund or replace any item sold by us. In addition to a manufacturer’s warranty (if applicable), we also provide an express manufacturer’s warranty that goods manufactured by us are free from defect for 6 months from date of delivery in the case of wrapping machines and high speed weigh/labelling machines, and in all other cases, for 1 year from date of delivery.

The express warranty is a Return to Base Warranty, where the item must be delivered prepaid to our nominated repair centre. We choose whether to repair or replace, and that is the limit of our liability under this express warranty. This express warranty sits alongside to and is in addition to the consumer guarantees which cannot be excluded.

Important Exclusions: Our warranty does not cover: in transit damage; failure to comply with the original supplier’s or manufacturer’s warranty; willful abuse or misuse; general wear and tear. This warranty is voided and does not cover any damage caused by the use of other than genuine original manufacturer’s parts and consumables. This warranty does not cover any products sold ‘as is’ or used in breach of manufacturer’s warranty, any damage from cleaning or repair by anyone without written authorisation from us, any damage caused by products not used according to product instructions, consequential damage or incidental damages (except as provided for in the ACL), personal injury, lost profits, lost savings or other economic damages, loss of use of the goods, rental or hire use, damage from prolonged exposure to fire or heat, damage from fraud, intentional acts, war, hostilities, terrorism or vandalism or acts of God.

For more information refer to our full terms and conditions.

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