Tray Sealers

Tray Sealing Machines, often referred to a Tray Lidding Machines, seal film to the top of food trays for professionally presented food.  Our commercial grade tray sealers provide a professional food packaging option to improve food longevity and increase shelf appeal which can directly impact sales.

InLine Food Tray Sealer


Food Tray Sealing / Film Lidding Machine for affordable and effective food packaging. 11′ x 7′ trimmed film to tray.

InLine Food Tray Sealer


Tray Sealers / Film Lidding Machines for quality food packaging of long lasting product. 9′ x 7′ trimmed film to tray.

Floor Front Loading Food Tray Sealer


Front loading tray sealer / film lidding machine, provide quality finished packaging for long lasting product.

Manual Tray Sealer Bench Cutting


Compact tray sealer for quality finished sealed ready-made meals. 226mm x 117mm trimmed film to tray

Manual Tray Sealer Bench Cutting


Compact tray sealer for quality finished sealed ready-made meals. 187mm x 137mm trimmed film to tray

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