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Dial and Digital hanging scales are ideal for workplaces and shops where bench or floor space is limited.

Hanging Scales provide a fantastic weighing option where bench or floor space is limited or unavailable. Our range of dial scales includes; dial hanging scales and digital hanging scales come in a range of capacities to suit various applications. Weigh up to 300 kg.

Hanging Dial Scale

Hanging Dial Scale


Classic dial hanging scale with proven reliability and heavy duty construction.

Weigh up to 25 kg

Hanging Dial Scale

Hanging Dial Scale


Sturdy and reliable dial hanging scales with top shackle and bottom hook. Many capacities.

Weigh up to 100 kg

Hanging weight scales from Wedderburn

At Wedderburn, we’re proud to offer a range of versatile hanging scales. Suitable for industrial food manufacturing applications, our hanging scales deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability to meet your weighing requirements.


Our hanging weight scale options


Whether you’re in need of hook weighing scales, digital hanging scales or hanging scales with bowl attachments, we’ve got you covered. Our versatile hanging scales are trusted by Australian businesses across a range of applications, from retail and manufacturing to food production.


Digital hanging scale


  • General Purpose Digital Hanging Scale. Featuring a die-cast aluminium housing, these digital hanging scales are lightweight and easy to use. They offer the flexibility of weighing objects from 30 kg with 10 g graduation intervals, or selecting a higher capacity to handle weights up to 300 kg. With various weighing units to choose from, built-in overload protection, and extended battery life, these hanging scales offer a convenient and reliable weighing solution for a wide range of applications.


Dial hanging scale


  • WS475H Hanging Dial Scale. The WS475H is a traditional dial hanging scale that ensures reliability in all weighing applications, while also enhancing the visual appeal of a store as a customer courtesy scale. This clock-style dial features dual sides for effortless operation. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this hanging scale is NMI approved for trade use in Australia.


  • CA150 Hanging Dial Scale. The CA150 dial hanging scales offer a fast and uncomplicated weighing solution, suitable for weighing applications from 5 kg to 100 kg. These durable and dependable hanging scales are compact in size and come equipped with a top and bottom hook for added convenience.


FAQs about Hanging Scales


What is an industrial hanging scale?


An industrial hanging scale is a weighing device designed to suspend and accurately measure the weight of objects or products in industrial settings. It typically consists of a load cell, a display unit, and a sturdy hook or attachment mechanism.


What are the applications of industrial hanging scales?


Industrial hanging scales have a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in food processing, agriculture, warehousing, shipping, logistics, and manufacturing industries to weigh items such as bulk materials, produce, meat carcasses, containers, and other suspended loads.


What’s the difference between crane scales and hanging scales?


Both crane scales and hanging scales are used for suspended weighing. The main difference between crane scales and hanging scales lies in their design, weight capacity, and specific usage scenarios. A crane scale is tailored for heavy-duty applications, while hanging scales are designed for lighter loads.


Crane scales are intended for weighing bulky items in heavy-duty applications and are often used in industrial settings, construction sites, shipping yards, and warehouses. They are used in conjunction with a crane or other machinery to provide a safe and accurate method for overhead weighing. Crane scales typically feature a hook or a shackle at the bottom, which is used to attach the scale to the item that needs to be weighed.


Hanging scales, on the other hand, are designed to be suspended from a fixed point, such as a ceiling, a tripod or a beam. They usually have a hook or a loop at the bottom for attaching the object to be weighed and are used in retail, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing applications.

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