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Wedderburn is a solution specialist in Labels, Labelling Equipment, Weighing Scales, Packaging Equipment, Food Equipment & POS Systems.

 Founded in 1896, our ongoing success is thanks to our customers and employees. We’re a 100% family owned, Australian business. We deliver quality products and services, take a customer centric approach to business and cultivate strong partnerships with our suppliers.

There are currently 18 Australian offices and 10 offices in New Zealand, and over 350 employees combined.  All the offices are strategically located in high-density population centres with large industrial and commercial infrastructures.  We also have a network of dealers located in important regional centres to support our sales and customer service activities.

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Branches in

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The Hazeldenes procurement and sales team want to say thank-you for the hard work you do with regards to Hazeldenes label orders and the speed that you can get them done and delivered to us. We understand it is a team effort and the production teams normally only receive feedback when it is bad. So, we want to say thank-you. We love Wedderburn… Your quality of work and customer service well exceeds our expectations, and we want to acknowledge your efforts as a whole team.


Amazing service and our compostable labels look great! Wedderburn are helping us in our ongoing journey to minimise our business impact on the environment.

Turning Point Coffee

Wedderburn was exactly what we were looking for – their compostable label complements our organic herbal teas and is in line with our ethos of being healthy for you and your environment. Their outstanding customer service was just a bonus.

Nurses Brew

Wedderburn have given us a seamless transition to a new labelling machine, that proved to be a change for the better.  Very happy with all the professional advice on our new demands and how easily they adapted to our needs. Cheers to the whole team for a faultless process.

David Bourke

Master Catering Services

Wedderburn have a really good reputation in all butcher shops as well as in your bigger chains for being accurate, professional and your machines last.

Billy Gibney

Meat at Billy’s

The new Wedderburn Atria Point of Sale Solution is a responsive, productive and user-friendly POS system that fits perfectly with our diverse product offering including bulk, fresh produce, in house labelled prepack and standard grocery lines. With multiple new retail and packing locations, we’re very pleased to say goodbye to messy VPN’s and network related system crashes.

Ryan O’Connor

Terra Madre

Our History

Since 1896, Wedderburn has supplied quality Weighing Scale to Australian businesses. Learn about how the business has grown from humble beginnings to become a leading national supplier of Labels, Equipment & Service.

Our Awards

Throughout its 120+ year history Wedderburn has prioritised quality and excellence for our customers. Wedderburn is honoured to be publicly recognised for excellence in Service delivery & Label printing. 

Our Memberships

Wedderburn is committed to delivering excellence to our customers. We are proud of the relationships we have with leading authorities and are pleased to list the memberships that may be of interest to you.

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