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Our innovative technologies are designed to revolutionize the way you showcase products and engage customers in retail environments.

At Wedderburn, we specialize in cutting-edge electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and digital signage displays. Our ESL solutions revolutionize retail pricing by offering real-time updates, while our digital signage displays captivate audiences with vibrant visuals and interactive content. With a focus on innovative technology, reliability, customization, and expert support, we empower retailers to enhance efficiency, drive sales, and elevate the customer experience. Join leading retailers worldwide in embracing the future of retail with Wedderburn.

Digital Signage Display

Modern displays with vivid HD visuals captivate customers across sectors, seamlessly integrating for consistent pricing and sustained sales growth throu...


4.2” IP-67 rated electronic shelf labels with a black and white display. Price and product information is automatically updated wirelessly via the SM53/...

Shelf Edge Display

Elevate your brand presence and stay ahead of the curve, powered displays can be easily configured with different multimedia designs to bring promotiona...

Product Labels
Generic Linerless Labels