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Automatic linear weighers make product packaging quick and simple.

Automatic Linear Weighers makes automated filling based on weight both efficient & affordable. It eliminates hand weighing and filling resulting in faster and more accurate packing.

Wedderburn can assist in designing a customised packaging solution to suit your operational requirements whether you need a standalone Linear Weigher or a complete complex integrated system with any of our bagging solutions specially tailored to suit your production needs.

Compact Linear Weigher

Compact Linear Weigher

WLW1-3L Linear Weigher

This compact linear scale & filling system is ideal for repetitive weighing and filling processes without the need for compressed air.

Pack up to 15 packs per minute

Twin Head Linear Weigher

Twin Head Linear Weigher


WLW Twin Head Linear Weighers are ideal for accurately weighing and packaging regular shaped dried food products such as tea, sugar, coffee powder or beans, seeds, nuts, rice, pasta, milk…

Pack up to 20 packs per minute

Linear weighers make packaging fast and efficient.

Automation is essential to increase efficiency in your production line – and our linear weighers eliminate the need for manual weighing and filling. Compact, quick, and accurate our linear weighers are designed to efficiently weigh free and semi-free flowing food and non-food items.

Wedderburn has been helping Australian business owners improve efficiency since 1896. Whether you’re looking for a simple standalone solution or a more complex integrated packing system, we can deliver the right weigh filling solution to suit your production needs.

View our linear weighing machines online, then get in touch for more information and pricing. Our solutions specialists will assess your unique requirements and provide a custom quote for your new linear weighing system.

Bulk packaging is easier and more efficient with Wedderburn.

We offer a range of linear weighing solutions to make weighing and filling a simple, one-step process.

Our Single Pan Linear Weigher, is a user-friendly option for businesses that need to weigh and package foodstuff like tea, sugar, coffee powder or beans, seeds, nuts, rice, pasta, milk powders, spices, and confectionery. This weigher can pack up to 15 packs per minute, increasing production speeds significantly by eliminating unnecessary manual handling. If you are looking for a coffee filling machine, this is the perfect entry level linear weigher to speed up your production process. Made from robust stainless steel, our Single Pan Linear Weigher hygienically weighs and dispenses product at an impressive speed.

Our Triple Pan Linear Weigher, has three vibration pans and high precision load cells for highly accurate weighing, and allows you to change the settings while operating, so you can alter weight, dump loads, and speed.

To completely automate your packaging process, we can integrate your linear weigher with an automatic bagging machine. This will eliminate manual handling and increase your production capacity!

For more information about our linear weighers and integrated packaging solutions, get in touch with Wedderburn today.

Talk to our experienced solution specialists about a new linear weighing solution.

Need some more information about our linear weighers, or looking for information on maintenance and repairs? Contact Wedderburn today. Our solutions specialists and customer service center are ready to assist with any questions regarding weigh filling machines and packaging solutions.

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