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Tanita body composition scales, otherwise known as body fat scales, provide quick and accurate measurements of body composition.

Our Body Composition Scales range from a basic Body Fat Scale, to those that provide a full Segmental Body Composition Analysis of body fat, BMI, water and muscle mass, bone density and metabolic rates all in one easy step, and ARTG Registered for professional use within Australia.

Our Health Monitoring Software lets you maximise the benefit of your Tanita Body Composition Scales and add even greater value to your patients and clients with the ability to record and report on patient weight goals and progress.

Tanita Body Composition Analyser

Tanita Body Composition Analyser


The Tanita MC580 Segmental Body Composition Scale is the latest innovation from Tanita. It uses Dual Frequency Bio Impedance to provide fast and accurate results, and now has Bluetooth connectivity…

Weigh up to 270kg

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