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Weigh up to 100 kg with our mechanical dial scales.

Browse our range of robust and reliable dial scales. If you need accurate mechanical weighing, our dial scales will provide accurate, repeatable results you can trust. With maximum capacity ratings from 2 kg to 100 kg, we’ve got a mechanical scale to suit your application.

Hanging Dial Scale

Hanging Dial Scale


Classic dial hanging scale with proven reliability and heavy duty construction.

Weigh up to 25 kg

Hanging Dial Scale

Hanging Dial Scale


Sturdy and reliable dial hanging scales with top shackle and bottom hook. Many capacities.

Weigh up to 100 kg

Robust Dial Bench Scale

Robust Dial Bench Scale


Robust, easy to clean, stainless steel dial scale for reliable mechanical weighing. (Weigh up to 50 kg)

Platform size (mm): 325 x 325

Weigh up to 100 kg with our mechanical weighing scales

At Wedderburn, we’ve been supplying Australian businesses with quality weighing solutions for over 125 years. If you need accurate, reliable mechanical weighing with up to 100 kg capacity, our mechanical scales are right for you. Browse our range of robust and reliable dial scales and enquire online today.


High-quality mechanical weight scales for reliable mechanical weighing


We’ve provided Australian businesses with accurate, robust and reliable weighing equipment since 1896, and we’re proud to continue our tradition of being at the forefront of weighing scale innovation.


Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best. Mechanical scales provide instantaneous and accurate readings with easy-to-read dials and high-quality mechanical parts when you don’t have access to power.


Simple, accurate, and effective, Wedderburn mechanical scales are built to last with robust, easy-to-clean parts and clear mechanical dials. From lightweight and portable options to hanging scales and bench scales, we have dial mechanical scales to suit your needs.


At Wedderburn, we also offer NMI approved mechanical weighing scales for businesses that are trading by weight, such as food retailers or manufacturers.


Browse our mechanical scale options online today, and contact us for more information on purchasing or hiring one of our quality weighing solutions.


Dial scales for sale and hire at Wedderburn


You need mechanical dial scales that are accurate and reliable with repeatable results. That’s why we offer an extensive range of dial scales to suit your application.

We offer select weighing scales for hire along with our extensive range of dial scales for sale.


Keep your mechanical weight scales in check with our calibration, maintenance and repair services


It’s important to ensure your mechanical scales are regularly serviced to maintain scale accuracy, as movement, aging, and temperature fluctuations can affect a scale’s accuracy over time. We recommend having your mechanical scales checked annually at a minimum.


Our qualified technicians can provide calibration, maintenance, and repairs to your mechanical weight scales as part of a custom Preventative Maintenance Plan.  A preventative Maintenance Plan from Wedderburn allows you to focus on running your business while we ensure you experience optimal performance and reliability from your equipment.


Find all your mechanical and digital scales with Wedderburn. From fitness and bathroom scales to heavy-duty industrial scales, we offer scales to suit any capacity and application.


Enquire online today about our mechanical scales options.



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