Dial Scales

Browse our range of robust and reliable dial scales. Used for mechanical weighing, our dial scales can weigh from 20kg up to 50kg. View today.

Stainless Steel Dial Bench Scale


Dial bench scales that deliver reliable, general purpose mechanical weighing. (Weigh up to 20kg)

Platform size (mm): 220 x 220

Robust Dial Bench Scale


Robust, easy to clean, stainless steel dial scale for reliable mechanical weighing. (Weigh up to 50kg)

Platform size (mm): 325 x 325

Heavy Duty Mechanical Floor Scale


NMI approved, heavy duty industrial scales with mechanical dial. Cast aluminium base. (Weigh up to 100kg)

Platform size (mm): 330 x 410

Hanging Dial Scale


Classic dial hanging scale with proven reliability and heavy duty construction.

Weigh up to 25kg

Hanging Dial Scale


Sturdy and reliable dial hanging scales with top shackle and bottom hook. Many capacities.

Weigh up to 100kg

Personal Scale with Mechanical Dial


Personal dial scale ideal for weight management with a non-slip platform and large easy-to-read dial display.

Weigh up to 136kg

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