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Retail Fruit & Veg

Helping your business grow fresh & fast

When astute customers choose a grocer, they look for one who has the best produce from a sustainable source. One with gorgeous displays of fruit and vegetables that taste fresh and delicious.

In order to create the best experience for your customers you need professional support in all areas of your business; and that includes exceptional equipment to help you deliver produce fast and boost profits.

Fresh and Innovative Ideas

Here at Wedderburn, we provide a whole range of first-rate systems to enhance your store:

  • Vacuum Sealers to preserve freshness, so your products have a longer shelf life and you have less waste.
  • Manual or Automatic Wrapping Stations that weigh, wrap, price and label so your products are ready in an instant and enticingly appealing.
  • Customer courtesy scales for customers who want to weigh their produce in store.
  • Vibrant Labels and fresh produce tags (for bagged products) to create brand awareness and provide customers with nutritional, storage and cooking information.
  • Efficient Label printers for labelling packs or pricing details saving you down time
  • Weighing, pricing and labelling scales for fast accurate processing of customer transactions. All models are trade approved and can include engaging in-store advertising displays.
  • Dynamic Cash Registers and full POS Systems making your counter service quick, easy and enjoyable.

Want more fresh solutions for your business?

Contact us on 1300 933 337 today to discuss your store needs.

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Maintenance & Repair Services

Scale, food equipment & POS system Maintenance, Repair Services and Calibrations for ongoing accuracy

POS Solutions For Fruit & Vege Retailers

POS Solutions for Fruit & Veg Retailers deliver fast accurate transactions and reporting

Specialized Food Equipment For Fruit & Vege Retailers

Premium grade specialized food processing equipment for your special needs

Vacuum Sealers for Fresh Produce

Vacuum Sealers for fruit & veg that will lock in freshness and increase your profitability

Weighing Solutions For Fruit & Vege Retailers

Complete range of weighing solutions for Fresh Fruit & Vege Retailers. Bench & Floor Scales, Price Computing & Labelling Scales.

Wrapping Equipment for Fresh Produce

Manual to auto wrapping systems that will wrap as gently as wrapping by hand