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PC Based Label printers for quick printing on demand. Our reliable label printers are ideal for commercial businesses.

Atria IPS Industrial Weigh Labelling System

Atria IPS Industrial Weigh Labelling System


An intelligent and highly flexible weigh labelling system, allowing connectivity to a range of industrial scales and balances and multiple label printers. User interface can be installed in choice of…

Desktop Thermal Printer

Desktop Thermal Printer


Compact direct thermal and thermal transfer printer with maximum print width of 108 mm.

203 dpi print resolution

High Speed Industrial Thermal Label Printer

High Speed Industrial Thermal Label Printer


The WTPTI2418MXP industrial thermal printer is ruggedly built for high volume, high quality label printing. Featuring one of the fastest print speeds in its class, the WTPTI2418MXP printer boosts productivity…

203 dpi print resolution

Industrial Thermal Label Printer

Industrial Thermal Label Printer


WTPTI2414MHE Industrial Thermal Label Printer engineered for high volume label printing. Featuring high print speeds of up to 356 mm (14 inches) per second, heavy duty die cast aluminium design,…

300 dpi print resolution

Thermal Label Printer

Thermal Label Printer


Great value printer for light industrial label printing applications. Small footprint, easy to use with fast label throughput.

300 dpi

Label printers and barcode printers to suit a range of applications

From major food and beverage manufacturers to local bakers, our customers choose Wedderburn label printers for their proven performance and long-lasting quality backed up by excellent service and support. With experienced technicians available to keep your label printers in optimal condition and a wide range of label printer consumables and parts, you’ll experience seamless label printing for years to come when you choose Wedderburn.

From barcode printers to warehouse printers and high-performance thermal printers, we’ve got the label printing solutions you need.

We offer a wide range of PC-based label printers to simplify the label printing process.  Connect these printers to your computer to input data and print labels efficiently on demand. Design your labels with the user-friendly Bartender Ultralite label design software.

Whether you’re looking to print custom information onto blank product labels or pre-branded labels, our label printers are engineered for high-quality, repeatable results. Your labels will be printed in crisp detail for reliable barcode scanning every time.

Browse label printers online with Wedderburn, or contact our experienced team for more recommendations and advice for your business. We’re here to help Australian businesses improve their labelling and increase efficiency.


Intelligent label and barcode printers to make labelling simple


We know clear, readable labelling is essential for businesses, especially in the food manufacturing industry, which is why our label printers are high-performance and high resolution – no matter which model you choose.

For industrial workplaces, we have a wide range of industrial label printers and warehouse printers for high-volume printing. Our Industrial Thermal Label Printer is an efficient barcode printer with an impressive print speed of up to 355 mm per second for high volume label printing.

With its die cast aluminium design and range of interface options, this thermal printer is suited to industrial settings. It’s also one of our most highly featured industrial printing options, with USB ports for PC connection and a memory card with up to 32GB of space for product information and files.

We also offer the Atria IPS Industrial Weigh Labelling System for an all-in-one label printing solution. Atria can connect to various industrial scales, balances, and multiple label printers so that you can weigh, print, and label your products on the go.

This labelling system can label smaller items, cartons, and pallets where necessary, plus provide serial numbers, traceability, batch numbering, customer-specific pricing, pack and shelf life dates, and so much more.


Find the right label printer for your business


Our high-quality labelling equipment, packaging equipment and weighing solutions are trusted throughout Australia, and we’ve helped customers large and small find the right label printer to suit their applications. Request your free quote online, or contact us for recommendations and advice for your business.


Request a quote for your next warehouse printer, thermal label printer or barcode printer today and experience the Wedderburn difference.

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