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Minimise double handling with reliable trade approved scales

Choose from our extensive range of trade approved labelling scales. From weigh labelling scales, to manual and automatic wrapping and labelling equipment, we offer intelligent label printing scales and wrappers to suit your application.

Self-Service Weigh Labelling Scale

Self-Service Weigh Labelling Scale


Next generation Self-Service Weigh Labelling Scales. Provide shoppers with the ability to use reusable containers and purchase just the amount they need, reducing both food and plastic waste. NMI approved for trade use.

Weigh up to 15 kg

Weigh Labelling Retail Scales

Weigh Labelling Retail Scales

SM5300L Series

Retail Scale for weighing, pricing and labelling. Features a 7″ advertising display for instore advertising. NMI approved trade use.

Platform size (mm): 250 x 197

Weigh Price Labellers

Weigh Price Labellers

SM5500X Series

Latest generation intelligent Weigh Price Labelling Scales. Featuring 10″ operator touch screen and 7 ” or 10.1 ” customer facing advertising screens. NMI approved for trade use.

Weigh up to 15 kg

Find the right scale and labelling system for the job

Without the right equipment, the process of weighing, pricing and wrapping products, recording data, and printing labels can be time consuming and labour intensive.

At Wedderburn, we help businesses streamline the weighing, pricing, and labelling process with NMI trade approved label printing scales. We offer weighing and labelling systems with or without wrapping functionality designed to maximise efficiency in your operations and deliver fast, accurate results.

We’re proud to offer world-class solutions trusted by some of Australia’s largest supermarkets and independent retailers. Whether you are looking for a backroom packing solution, or a label printing scale for over-the-counter service, Wedderburn has a complete range of labelling equipment designed to suit all applications.

We also offer unparalleled servicing delivered by qualified technicians to ensure you get the best possible return on investment from your equipment.

Smart management of your labelling solutions

Wedderburn offer Atria, a comprehensive and versatile system with intelligent reporting and efficient management of your weigh label printing scales, weigh-wrap-labellers, and label printers. Using our cloud-based scale and labeller management system, you can oversee single stores or multiple locations.

With the Atria My Access feature, you can make price or product information changes and report on store or product performance on the go. Work from virtually anywhere, any time and access valuable data and reporting in real time.

FAQs about our trade-approved scales


Are Wedderburn scales legal for trade use?

Yes. Our weighing scales with label printers are all National Measurement Institute (NMI) approved devices for trade use. If you sell goods by weight, you must use a NMI trade approved scale.

How often should I get my label printing scales serviced?

Regular maintenance and calibration are essential factors in ensuring your equipment remains accurate over time. Even a high-quality device will not remain accurate indefinitely and will need adjustment from time to time.

Temperature variations, power fluctuations and movements can all affect a scale’s accuracy and reliability. Wedderburn recommends a preventative maintenance visit by a qualified technician at least once a year.

At Wedderburn, we offer Preventative Maintenance Plans to ensure a maximised return on investment and minimal downtime for our customers. This regular scheduled servicing can help reduce the risk of costly repairs and minimise interruptions to your operations.

Our  qualified technicians are available throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing calibration, maintenance and repair services. To book a service with our experienced service team, contact your local Wedderburn branch.

What kinds of label printing scales do you offer?

At Wedderburn, we make pricing and labelling simple for Australian businesses. Our label printing scales include:

●       Pre-Pack Scales with Label Printers weighing up to 15 kg. Ideal for backroom operations.

●       Integrated Semi-Auto Weigh Wrap Price Labellers weighing up to 15 kg. Automatic weighing, wrapping, and price labelling as gentle as hand wrapping. Save on labour costs with this flexible wrapping system.

●       Colour Touch Screen Weigh Labellers with a standalone printer and stainless steel weighing platform and high capacity. . Weigh up to 30 kg.

We offer label printing scales for a diverse range of industries; from supermarket retail, to butchers, seafood mongers, food wholesalers and manufacturers. Browse our range online or contact our support team on 1300 933 337 to learn more.

Do you supply butcher scales?

Wedderburn specialises in label printing scales that are ideal for fresh food retailers like butchers. If you need a butcher scale with a printer for your store, our touch screen, trade approved scales are Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) and Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) compliant and are designed to increase efficiency and store revenue.

Why use an NMI Trade approved label printing scale?

What is a Trade approved label printing scale?

  1. Trade approved scales are tested by the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) to ensure the scale meets all the Australian legal requirements.
  2. When a Trade approved scale is installed, it needs to be “fit for purpose”,  “calibrated” and “Verified” by a licenced technician before use.

Wedderburn can help on both counts.

Benefits of a trade approved label printing scale:

  • Compliance with legal requirements
    • avoiding penalties and fines
  • Accuracy in weighing measurements
    • Reduce the risk of excess or short transactions
  • Consumer confidence

Maintaining your trade approved scale:

In addition to purchasing and verifying your trade approved label printing scale you must:

  • ensure the instrument is accurate at all times while in use for trade.
  • use it correctly.
  • keep it clean and in good working order.
  • have it re-verified after repair or adjustment.

Can I customise the labels for my labelling scales?


Yes, our label printing scales can accommodate custom label designs. Many of our customers choose to use a custom pre-printed label, including their logo and contact details, while the labelling scale then prints product specific information programmed per product look up (PLU) such as barcodes, ingredient lists, nutritional panels, country of origin information and weight/price data.


If you have a range of products with large differences in the amount of data required per PLU, you may want to consider a Linerless Labelling Scale which automatically adjusts the label size to suit the required information. We can also customise linerless labels with logos, talk to our friendly Labels team for more information.


Australia’s leading supplier of label printing scales and wrappers.


With over 125 years of experience in innovative weighing equipment, Wedderburn is Australia’s premium supplier for label printing scales. If you’d like to know more about our products or require assistance in selecting the right scales for your business, contact our customer service team on 1300 933 337 or enquire online today.

Enquire now for more information or to purchase a set of label printing scales from your local Wedderburn branch.

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