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Make your products stand out with custom label printing.

Blank Labels

Custom Blank Labels are ideal for storage, transportation and distribution tasks. Contact us today to discuss the right label for your application.

Bottle Labels

Whatever the bottle, we'll create the perfect label. Beverage Labels, Syrup Labels, Cleaning Products. Contact our friendly labels team today for help d...

Compostable Labels

Bio4Life's compostable labels and materials (certified to EN13432 the European Industrial Composting Standard) are available exclusively through Wedderb...

Linerless Labels

If you want flexibility and reduced waste, custom linerless labels might be the right option for you. Contact us today to find out more.

Product Labels

Let your brand shine with quality, custom product Labels from Wedderburn. The options are endless, we will create the perfect Label for your application.

Scale Labels

Custom scale labels for price, weight and other important product information. Contact us today about designing the right label for your application.

Speciality Labels

With our in-house R&D department we love working on special projects for our customers. If you have a unique application, contact us today.

Wrap Around Labels

Wrap around labels by Wedderburn. Showcase your brand while displaying all ingredient and information data. Recyclable and linerless options available.

Our custom label printing services

At Wedderburn, we specialise in high-quality custom labels that are fit for purpose – our team will ensure your custom labels are compatible with your application and any labelling equipment. From cost-effective single-colour labels to premium labels with enhanced features and freezer-safe adhesives, our custom labels can help your products stand out on the shelf while suiting your needs and your budget.


Every label is a touch-point with your customers, and custom labels are an effective way to achieve brand recognition and product appeal while meeting your regulatory requirements. From food packaging labels to shipping labels, admission tickets to promotional stickers, charity appeal stickers and packaging labels, you need cost-effective labels, creative and functional labels – that’s where we come in.


We offer premium custom label printing to meet your branding and application requirements. We can support you through the R&D and design stages to ensure you get the right label solution for your business. Our expert team will ensure you have the right material and adhesive for your application, resulting in a professional, high-quality final result.


Contact us today and let us know more about your label project.


FAQs about custom label printing

What products can your custom labels be used on?

We can produce labels to suit any product or application. Whether you’re labelling bottles, cartons, pre-made or ready-to-eat food packets, or fresh meats and vegetables, we will print a custom label carefully designed to meet the unique challenges of your industry.

Here are some of the ways you can use our custom labels. 

  • Bottle Labels – We specialise in bottle labels. With custom shapes, detailed printing, protective finishes, and reliable adhesives, we can create premium bottle labels for everything from wine bottles and soft drinks to medicines and cosmetics. All printed on recycled content, these labels are also recyclable. For PET bottle labels, we now offer a wash-off adhesive to maximise the recyclability of your PET.
  • Shipping Cartons – We offer blank and branded shipping labels made from high-quality substrates and reliable adhesives suitable for printing details like barcodes, shipping details, dates and more.  
  • Retail Products – From jars and bottles to trays, punnets and packets our high-quality custom product labels and wrap-around labels can be used to promote your brand and comply with legislative requirements. 
  • Scale Labels – Our dual expertise in weighing scales and labelling allows us to produce high-performing industry-leading custom scale labels for use with compatible weighing and labelling equipment.  
  • Stickers – Whether you want to promote an event or run a charity appeal, we can help you create custom stickers that help you meet your targets. 
  • Unique projects – We can produce Specialty Labels such as peel back labels, double sided labels and tear open labels, unique numbered or QR code labels as well as variable printing – all tailored to your unique requirements. Our in-house R&D team can help create the perfect label for your next project.
  • Digital Labels – Ideal for shorter print runs, Wedderburn also offers digital custom label printing. Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of digital printing today.


Contact us to organise custom labels for your products today.


Are your BioLabels certified compostable?

Our BioLabels are certified to the European Industrial Composting Standard EN13432. Importantly, both the material and adhesive are certified compostable. If you are looking for compostable labels, ensure that the adhesive is also certified compostable. Our BioLabels are also approved for direct food contact (DC1935/2004 & FDA 145.105), so they are suitable for all food applications including fruit labels. There are many different material options available, talk to our team for advice on the right material for your application. BioLabels are free from plastic and made from a high content of renewable resources – enhance your green credentials and choose a sustainable labelling option today! 


What are the benefits of linerless labels?

If you have linerless label compatible equipment, linerless labels may be the best option if you’re looking for a cost-effective, low-waste labelling solution for your business. Here are some of the benefits of using linerless labels:

  • Less wastage: linerless labels come in a continuous roll, with no liner on the back — meaning less waste. If you are using traditional die cut labels, please recycle your liner through our RafCycle program.
  • Fewer roll changes and increased flexibility: Our linerless compatible equipment can cut linerless labels to any length, so one roll can be used for a range of label formats and products. With the label automatically resizing to suit the length of the information you wish to print, no label roll changes are required, so you’ll spend more time printing and less time reloading your equipment. 
  • Sleek, professional results: Linerless labels allow you to eliminate blank spaces, reducing label consumption and improving your labels’ appearance.

Which industries do you supply?

We offer labelling equipment and labels for a diverse range of industries, specialising in the food and beverage retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Here are some of the industries we supply:

  • Food manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, including suppliers to major supermarkets Woolworths, Coles and IGA, as well as independent customers like butchers, fruit barns and meal prep companies.
  • Beverage manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing. We have produced award winning wine labels and also specialise in beer labels and bottle labels.
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Industrial Manufacturing including paint, chemicals and steel
  • Medical industries including pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare providers and laboratories.
  • Health and fitness industries, including supplement manufacturers, beauty and vitamin manufacturers
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Materials handling and logistics.


We can develop custom label solutions for food packaging labels, personal care labels, industrial labels, shipping labels, admission tickets, promotional stickers, charity appeal stickers, or packaging labels. We can also develop specialty custom labels for one-off or unique labelling projects.  

Contact your local Wedderburn branch to learn more about our products and services.


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We have branches throughout Australia and New Zealand staffed with custom label experts ready to help you refresh your labelling solutions. No matter where you are or what you’re selling, we can create effective custom labels to help boost brand awareness and sales for your business. We pride ourselves on excellent service and support with quality and reliability guaranteed.


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Wedderburn was exactly what we were looking for – their compostable label complements our organic herbal teas and is in line with our ethos of being healthy for you and your environment. Their outstanding customer service was just a bonus.

Collen and Caitlyn, Nurses Brew

Amazing service and our compostable labels look great! Wedderburn are helping us in our ongoing journey to minimise our business’s impact on the environment.

Stu Hargie, Turning Point Coffee

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