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Linerless labels are designed to help reduce label consumption, wastage and improve productivity.

The benefits of printing with linerless labels

Along with custom printing options and the flexibility to choose the length of your labels, linerless labels can also have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are some of the benefits of choosing linerless labels.


  1. Cost-effective. Linerless labels can be cut to any length, so rather than stocking multiple SKUs in different label sizes, you can stock one label for multiple applications which reduces your material costs. Using a linerless material also eliminates costs associated with disposing of or recycling label backing liner.
  2. Efficient. Linerless labels will automatically resize to fit the information you’re looking to print, this translates to fewer roll changes and increased uptime for your equipment.
  3. Sustainability. Linerless labels don’t have backing paper, which means they use less paper than comparable conventional die-cut labels. Plus, no backing paper means less waste to recycle or dispose of after the labels have been applied.
  4. Flexibility. Different products have different requirements for information, which previously meant carrying different label sizes. With blank or custom linerless labels, you have the flexibility to print what you want, when you want. You can adjust product information right up until the point of printing without considering label size.

FAQs about linerless labels


Can linerless labels be used with any labelling equipment?

No, linerless labels can only be used with compatible labelling equipment.

Not sure whether your labelling equipment is compatible with linerless labels? Contact our support team on 1300 933 337, and we will advise if your equipment is suitable for linerless labels.


How do linerless labels work?

Unlike conventional die-cut labels, linerless labels do not have backing paper, meaning there is no paper liner left behind after the labels are applied.

Linerless labels can be cut to any size. When used with compatible labelling equipment, they automatically resize based on the information being printed. They can print at different lengths because they’re produced in a continuous roll, rather than as pre-cut labels, meaning you don’t need to consider label size when printing product-specific information.


What can linerless labels be used for?

Our customers use linerless labels for purposes such as weighing and labelling food products in retail, wholesale and manufacturing applications where you can realy benefit from variable label lengths. Essentially, linerless labels can be used for virtually any weigh labeller or weigh wrap labeller application that standard die-cut labels are used for. However, the equipment must be compatible with linerless labels.

For more information on linerless label uses, contact our support team.

Get a quote online for linerless labels


Linerless labels are ideal for businesses and manufacturers looking for an efficient and flexible labelling solution. Contact us for more information about linerless labels, or request a quote online today.

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