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Accurate analytical balances for precision weighing.

The Wedderburn Electronic Balance range delivers precision weighing for the most discerning environments. Our electronic balances  range includes semi-micro balances, analytical balances, moisture balances, laboratory balances and high capacity heavy-duty precision balances.

Precision Balance

Precision Balance

SDALE Series

Tuning fork precision balance scales with windshield deliver precision weighing and repeatability.

Weigh up to 15,000 g

Precision balances for every application

At Wedderburn, we understand the critical role of precision and accuracy in the manufacturing industry and laboratory settings. That’s why we offer a wide range of premium digital balances and lab scales which deliver unparalleled precision, durability, and efficiency, making them the perfect solution for your weighing needs.


Reliable Precision


When it comes to weighing food additives or any other products in a laboratory or manufacturing environment, precision is paramount. Our balances are equipped with high-quality weighing mechanisms and advanced weighing technology to ensure accurate and consistent weighing every time. Whether you’re weighing ingredients, portioning food, or conducting quality control checks, you can rely on our electronic balances to deliver precise results.


Durability for Demanding Environments


If you need a digital balance to withstand the rigours of industrial environments, we offer a range of suitable equipment constructed with robust materials and reinforced components, they can endure heavy usage, harsh conditions, and frequent cleaning without compromising performance. We also offer splash resistant precision balances suitable for use in moist environments. With our balances, you can count on their longevity and reliability, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


NMI Compliance


We offer a range of NMI approved for trade use precision balances, for businesses that are trading by weight. With an NMI approved Wedderburn balance weighing scale, you can have confidence in your weighing and maintain compliance with industry regulations.


Find the right digital balance for your application


From compact models with draft shields  for weighing finer items  to heavy-duty balances for high capacity items, we have the right balance to meet your needs. Our electronic balances can handle a wide range of products, including solid items, powders, liquids, and even animals.


  • High capacity precision balances. Weigh up to 62 kg by 0.1g with our high capacity electronic balances featuring robust stainless steel housing.
  • Digital Balances. The Swiss made Precisia Series digital balances offer superior precision weighing thanks to the high quality weighing cell and fully automatic, programmable internal calibration system.
  • Industrial Precision Balances. With stainless steel housing, IP65 ingress protection and  readability from to 0.1 g – 1 g, these industrial balances are suited to heavy duty weighing
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory Balances. Laboratory-level performance is guaranteed with our range of dependable lab balances. The Analytical Tuning Fork Balance is suitable for professional laboratory weighing with the ability to weigh by just 0.1 mg.  Our laboratory balances are the right choice for laboratory-level performance suitable for professional applications, including pharmacies, medical labs and education facilities. If you need reliable analytical balance solutions for research facilities and laboratories, these will be the right choice for you.
  • Moisture balances. These compact analysers are designed to detect and analyse moisture content. With programmable displays, you can view real-time analysis on the user-friendly graphic interface. View our Digital Moisture Balance and Moisture Balance online for more information.
  • Semi-micro balance. We offer a range of semi-micro balances for very precise weighing applications. Options include the Precisa Series 360EP Digital Balance, contact our team for further information.

FAQs about Electronic Balances


What are digital balances?


Digital balances, also known as a precision balance, electronic balance, pan precision balance, analytical balance, laboratory balance or even milligram scale, are weighing instruments used to measure the mass of objects with a high degree of accuracy. They’re designed to provide precise measurements in the gram or milligram range. These instruments are commonly used in scientific laboratories, pharmaceutical research, jewellery making, and other applications where precise weights for lightweight objects are essential.


Digital balances often have various features to enhance usability and precision, including tare function (to subtract the weight of containers), statistical calculation functions, internal calibration function and built-in filters to reduce vibration interference. Most models also offer features like data logging, connectivity to computers or printers via RS232 or other methods, and multiple weighing units.


How accurate is a semi-micro balance?


A semi-micro balance comes with a readability of 0.01 mg, with a capacity of up to 220 g.

To reduce the risk of environmental factors impacting weighing results, they all include a fully enclosed draft shield. Our semi-micro balance range also features a fully automatic internal calibration system and automatic repeatability test (ART) to ensure accuracy and reliability.


How often should I service my digital balance?


It’s worth noting that digital balances are sensitive to factors such as air currents, temperature changes, and vibrations, which can affect their performance.

Depending on the level of use and the environment, we recommend having your precision balance serviced at least once a year by a qualified maintenance technician.


Invest in a Quality Electronic Balance for Your Operations


At Wedderburn, we’ve been industry leaders in weighing equipment since 1896. With our premium balance range, you can achieve precise results and superior performance, improve efficiency, and repeatedly meet industry standards. Enquire online to discuss your specific requirements, and let us help you find the right milligram or microgram balance scale solution for your business.


We provide top quality laboratory balances Australia-wide. Enquire online today




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