Balance Scales

Wedderburn Electronic Balance Scales deliver precision weighing for the most discerning of environments. Our electronic balances weigh as precisely as 0.01mg and the range includes analytical balances, moisture analysing scales, laboratory balances and heavy duty precision balances.

Semi Micro Balance Scale


Semi Micro Balance Scales with excellent readability and cross over sliding windshield. (Weigh by just 0.01mg)

Precisa Series 360EP Digital Balance


Swiss made Balance Scales with windshield deliver precision weighing & repeatability.

Weigh by just 0.01mg

Precisa Series 360ES Digital Balance


Swiss made Balance Scales for precision weighing with superior style and repeatability.

Weigh by just 0.01mg

Analytical Tuning Fork Balance


Analytical tuning fork balance for professional laboratory weighing. Transparent windshield. (Weigh by just 0.1mg)

Digital Moisture Balance


Digital moisture balance with customised features for advanced and demanding applications.

Weigh by just 0.1mg

Precision Balances


NMI approved electronic balance scale for precision weighing in the laboratory.

Weigh up to 620g x 0.001g

Digital Jewellers Balance


NMI approved for accurately weighing and trading precious stones. (Weigh up to 120g x 0.001g)

Moisture Analysing Balance Scales


Analytical balance scales for quick and reliable moisture determination.

Weigh by just 0.001g

High Precision Economy Balance

SDAB Series

Economical, NMI approved for trade use electronic balance. Variety of capacities available.

Weigh by just 0.001g

Precision Balances


NMI approved compact electronic balance scales with added functionality. (Weigh by just 0.01g)

Splash Resistant Precision Balances


Smart and stylish digital balance scales with stainless steel casing and IP65 rating.

Weigh by just 0.01g

Precision Balance

SDALE Series

Tuning fork precision balance scales with windshield deliver precision weighing & repeatability.

Weigh up to 15kg

High Capacity Precision Balances


Large capacity, electronic balances with aluminium alloy die cast housing. (Large capacity, electronic balances with aluminium alloy die cast housing.)

Weigh by up to 31kg by 0.1g

Industrial Precision Balances


Heavy duty, NMI approved industrial balance scales with IP65 rating. (Weigh up to 62kg)

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