Scale Indicators

Control the functions of your scale with a Wedderburn scale indicator.  Our range of weighing indicators can be used with an existing scale base, or alternatively we can supply you with a scale base and indicator combination for a completely new solution. Our scale indicators include NMI approved indicators for trade use in Australia and robust impact resistant and water proof scale indicators for heavy duty purposes.

Industrial Digital Indicator


NMI approved digital scale indicator that is very easy to use and comes complete with check weighing functionality and large, backlit, easy to read LCD.

Industrial Stainless Steel Digital Indicator


NMI approved scale indicator with smart stainless steel housing, wall and desk bracket for optimum viewing, and large, backlit, easy to read LCD.

Scale Indicator


NMI approved digital scale indicator with exceptionally clear and flicker-free display for easy reading even in dark conditions. Ideal for batch weighing.

Scale Indicator


NMI approved digital scale indicator designed for heavy duty industrial use and constructed of high grade stainless steel with IP66 protection rating.

Carton Weigh Labelling System


Carton labelling system for weighed & non-weighed goods with insightful productivity reporting. Can be tailored to your production line.

Product Labels
Generic Linerless Labels