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Innovative Solutions for the Medical Industry

Wedderburn’s expertise and superior quality equipment is trusted by medical and healthcare professionals around the globe.

Passionate about providing innovative solutions, we work closely with industry professionals to deliver revolutionary products and service that is unparalleled. Whether proving superior care for patients at a medical facility, measuring finite amounts of pharmaceuticals, or completing a body composition analysis, we have an intelligent and reliable solution for you.

Taking Quality Care to the Next Level

Our integrated weighing and labelling solutions are designed to create the best experience for your patients, clients and customers with maximum efficiency. Plus, our attractive designs beautifully complement the overall aesthetic of your establishment.

Our exceptional range of equipment includes:

  • Professional weight scales, baby scales and body composition scales that are ARTG Registered.
  • A range of precise personal weight scales from basic body weighing models right through to scales that analyse full body composition by segment at the touch of a button.
  • Body composition analysis software to efficiently track patient progress.
  • Safe and precise baby and infant scales that come complete with specially constructed trays and built-in height measurement, so that baby is comfortably and securely weighed and measured.
  • Speciality weight scales for less mobile patients; scales with hand rails and chair scales with built in height measurement and BMI calculation functions.
  • Portable bench scales for quick and precise portion control.
  • Quality assurance Laboratory Balances and Counting Scales for highly accurate measurements and dispensing.
  • Robust platform and pallet scales for weighing bulky freight items.

Ready to align with an innovative supplier who will streamline your business?

Continue to browse our market categories for your specific industry or, call us on 1300 933 377 to discover more about our state-of-the-art systems.

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