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Complement your label printer with the ideal accessories; handheld label applications, dispensers and rewinders.

Label Rewinder

Label Rewinder


Label rewinder capable of rewinding rolls up to 4 inches (102 mm) wide, up to 8 inches (203 mm) outside diameter at speeds up to 10 inches (254 mm) per…

Label Rewinder

Label Rewinder


Label rewinder capable of rewinding rolls up to 4 inches (102 mm) wide, up to 8 inches (203 mm) outside diameter at speeds up to 10 inches (254 mm) per…

Make pricing and labelling simple with handheld label applicators, dispensers and rewinders

At Wedderburn, we help Australian businesses streamline their label application processes with smart, reliable labelling equipment. With user-friendly label dispensers, rewinders and applicators, you can spend less time calibrating your tools and more time labelling your products. From handheld label applicators to industrial label dispensers, we have smart, effective labelling solutions to suit your unique application.

Browse our range of label dispensers and label rewinders online, or contact our experienced team for professional advice, and we’ll find the right labelling solution for your business.


FAQs about our Label dispensers and other accessories.


Which labels can I apply with your label applicators?

The type of labels you can use with our label dispensers will vary depending on the equipment. Hand Held Label Applicator, for instance, can be used for both traditional die cut labels such as square and rectangular formats and unique shapes like circles, ovals and other non-rectangular shapes. Our portable Powered Label Dispenser, meanwhile, can be used with both die and butt cut label shapes. Specific models available for dispensing transparent labels.


What’s the difference between a label applicator and a label dispenser?

A label applicator is used to apply labels directly onto a product or packaging, whereas a label dispenser presents the label for you to apply manually.


Should I use a handheld or powered label dispenser?

Handheld and powered label dispensers make the labelling process easier and more streamlined, and the right option for your business depends on the intended labelling application.

Handheld label applicators are suited to shop-floor applications such as marking clearance items, pricing and other day-to-day labelling purposes. 

For fast-paced retail, packaging, medical and manufacturing environments, a portable Powered Label Dispenser may be the right choice. This automatic label dispenser offers Hi and Low dispensing speeds and works with most label shapes.

The Powered Label Dispenser and the Powered Stainless Steel Label Dispenser are both suited to heavy working environments. These label dispensers have tough powder coat or stainless steel finishes depending on the model, making them suited to busy factories, workshops, warehouses and other industrial settings. 

We also offer automatic label rewinder machines, these machines are designed to automatically rewind labels as they are overprinted by a Thermal Label Printer. This ensures your labels are ready to apply from a neat roll as soon as they’ve been printed. Whatever your labelling needs, we have the solution.


Find the right label applicator or label rewinder for your application.


With branches throughout Australia, we’re committed to pairing Australian businesses with the right labelling equipment backed up by proactive maintenance and calibration services. Contact us today for assistance finding the right label printer, dispenser or automatic label rewinder for your application.


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