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Eliminate manual handling on-site with our automated bagging machines.

Innovative and reliable bagging machines that deliver operational efficiency for any production line.

Looking for a way to speed up production and eliminate manual filling and sealing of pre-packed products?  Pack up to 20 bags per minute with our efficient automated bagging machines designed to minimise manual handling and maximise productivity.

Our automated bagging machines offer an innovative and reliable solution to production line challenges – whether you need a standalone machine or a complex packaging system Wedderburn can design a custom solution to suit your needs.

Pouch Bagger

Increase efficiency in your operations with an automatic pouch bagging machine. Contact us today.

Our automated bag filling machines are efficient and reliable

Our automatic bagging equipment is designed to save you time and money by eliminating manual handling. The latest generation automatic bagging machine also offers toolless format changeover between bag sizes – move from 150 g packs to 250 g packs in seconds. Our automatic pouch bagging machine is a high-speed automated machine designed to automatically open, fill, and seal pre-made pouches at a speed of up to 20 bags per minute. This entry-level automated bagging machine has a range of options including a bag tapping device for product settling, gas flush for nitrogen filling, and air extraction. You can even print batch dates and times on your pouches prior to filling them for an all-in-one solution to your production line needs.


FAQs about our bagging machines

Do you offer custom automated bagging machines?

Wedderburn will assist in designing a custom packaging solution to suit your operational requirements, whether you need stand-alone machines or more complex integrated systems engineered specifically for your needs.

We can customise your automated bagging machines to suit the unique requirements of your business. Whether you need a stand-alone machine or a more complex integrated system engineered for your needs, we can create something functional and convenient to suit your business.

The automatic pouch bagging machine has optional extras, including a gas flush for nitrogen filling, a mini inkjet printer for easy printing and an auto pouch feeder.

How often should I have my bagging machine serviced?

We recommend having your bagging machine serviced by an experienced technician at least once a year. To ensure optimal performance and maximise your return on investment, we offer a Preventative Maintenance Plan whereby one of our qualified technicians will conduct a regular service to reduce the risk of repairs or downtime and ensure a continuous, reliable output from your bagging machine.

Can I integrate my automated bagging machine with other packaging machines?

Yes, automated bagging machines like the automatic pouch bagging machine can be easily integrated with other equipment to create a streamlined, efficient production line. Integrate with a linear weigher to help streamline your production process.

What kind of products can be bagged using your automated bagging machines?

Our automated bagging machines operate using a range of standard bag types, including box pouches, standup pouches, and 3 sides sealed pouches. They can be used to bag granular products such as coffee beans, salts, tea, cereals and even powders like protein powder.


Learn more about our bag filling machines

Interested in discovering how an automated bagging machine could increase efficiency in your production line, or want more information about a custom solution to meet your unique requirements?

With branches all over Australia and a team of experienced professionals able to customise your automated bagging machine, install your bagging and equipment and provide ongoing scheduled servicing to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. 

We have branches in: 

  • Adelaide
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  • Melbourne
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  • Newcastle
  • Perth
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Sydney
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  • Townsville 

Get in touch with your local Wedderburn branch for more information about our bagging machines. 

For reliable, efficient automatic bagging equipment, contact Wedderburn and request a quote today.


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