Wedderburn wins Gold and Silver at Label Printing Awards


29th June 2022

The Flexible Packaging and Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) is the label industry’s technical association. Their awards recognise printing excellence in the labels and packaging industry. This year the awards were held in Melbourne. It was great to see the awards running again after two years of cancellations and postponements due to COVID.

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FPLMA Awards Won

This year Wedderburn took home two awards, a Gold and a Silver, an impressive achievement considering the high calibre of entries. Details of the winning entries are below. 

Category: Label Flexo Process Work

Award Won: Gold

Label: South West Octopus

Like all flexographic printing, the challenges were achieving perfect print consistency and registration, that is, the alignment of the different inks used in printing. Variables such as the printed material, the type and quality of printing plates, plate mounting accuracy and tape used, and printing press operation must be perfect in order to achieve perfect registration. It is great to see the Wedderburn labels production team achieve these results time and time again.

The South West Octopus label was not only printed at an incredibly high standard by Wedderburn, but we were also part of the design process. Starting with only a brand name, sales representative Brad worked closely with our customer and our prepress partner, Independent Design and Graphics (IDG). IDG delivered a stunning design to showcase the product. If you would like your label to be an award winner, talk to us about designing an eye-catching label for your product.

The judges were so impressed with the South West Octopus label they noted it was only a few points away from being awarded best in the show. As a category winner, the South West Octopus label will now be entered into the World Label Awards.

Gold Award Winner - South West Octopus label on the pack.

Gold Award Winner - South West Octopus label.

Meet the printer - Kate

Kate’s father was a printer, and his passion for the industry influenced Kate’s career choice. Printing is traditionally a male-dominated industry, which made Kate even more determined to succeed in her chosen career. Kate enjoys being a printer and finds it exciting and motivating to see her work on the shelves when visiting the supermarket. 

Category: Label Flexo Line and Tone

Award Won: Silver

Label: Regal Pet Food Lidding Film

Our Silver Award winner was not a label but a printed lidding film. Wedderburn diversified into this category a few years ago. It is fantastic to be recognised for quality print work in a non-label category.

Challenges with large format, film flexographic printing again include print consistency and registration. These and other print quality challenges are overcome by high-quality artwork and printing plate preparation, combined with best practice printing techniques. This film design left little room for error, and perfect printing plate mounting and tape selection were critical. The raw meat was a focus point, and printing press operators worked hard to ensure the image looked as realistic as possible - the outcome was superb.

Silver Award Winner - Regal Pet Mince film on the pack.

Silver Award Winner - Regal Pet Mince Film.

Meet the printer - Ian

Ian is passionate about printing and the fact that with just four colours (yellow, magenta, cyan and black), you can create almost the full spectrum of colour just by printing dots of colour next to each other.

We are very proud of our Labels production team. These awards are a testament to their hard work and commitment to producing high-quality labels and packaging solutions. Congratulations to the Wedderburn team and the rest of the FPLMA winners!

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