Weighing Scales

Improving patient outcomes with revolutionary weighing system


5th December 2019

In emergency situations, timeliness and accurate drug dosages significantly impact patient outcomes. The trouble is, a patient’s weight is often required to determine dosage rates for many drug classes. Without this vital information, overdosing, toxicity or underdosing can occur.

Yet, there’s seldom time to perform a weight check – especially if the patient is immobile or unconscious when treatment is most critically required.

In fact research conducted in UK hospitals (Menon, Kelly) found patients, nurses and doctors all estimated weight inaccurately with an error rate ranging from 3.9% – 11%. This inaccuracy can negatively impact patient outcomes.

That’s why UK emergency department nurse, Gillian Taylor, invented a revolutionary patient transfer scale that weighs patients during the lateral transfer process.

Now in use around the world

Since its launch in November 2018, the Patient Transfer Scale has been adopted in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, South Africa and the US. The great news is, it’s now available in Australia and it’s TGA registered.

But it’s not only hospital emergency departments that are benefiting from the new Patient Transfer Scale. The new weighing device is now in use in:

  • ICU and HDU
  • Stroke and Cardiac Units
  • Burns, Stroke and Spinal Departments
  • Paediatric Hospitals
  • Renal and X-ray Departments
  • Aged Care facilities

This list is growing as medical staff and management see the economic, staff safety and positive patient outcomes when Patient Transfer Scales are used.

How it works

The Patient Transfer Scale is essentially a transfer board with built-in weighing scale. It’s used as part of the existing lateral transfer process as patients are moved from trolley to trolley, trolley to bed and from bed to bed.

Its flat design means it takes up very little ward space but it is fast and convenient to use whenever required.

Prior to launch, the Patient Transfer Scale was tested in 30 hospitals by the manufacturer, Marsden, to ensure immobile patients could be accurately and efficiently weighed. It is TGA registered and Wedderburn has the exclusive Australian agency.

Learn more

The Patient Transfer Scale is unique and about to revolutionise hospital practices in Australia. But don’t take our word for it!

For more information or a demonstration of the Patient Transfer Scale, contact Wedderburn.