Weighing Data Communication Software


DI-CONNECT is a multi-purpose communications package designed for use with compatible Wedderburn Digital Indicators and Scales, making the capture of weighing data simple and affordable. Leverage Microsoft Excel functionality, DI-CONNECT can provide “real-time” update of selected fields within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. DI-CONNECT may be used in a variety of ways, as a communications testing tool, as a data logging device, as a semi-automatic data entry system, and an automatic entry to a Microsoft Excel file.


  • suitable for use with Windows Operating Systems
  • compatible with a range of Wedderburn indicators, scales and balances
  • record weight data directly into Microsoft Excel
  • link mode for weight entry in any Windows application or program that allows data entry or editing
  • hot key function allowing user to request weight data from PC
  • automatic periodic data logging feature for monitoring changes in weight over time

For more details please download the specification sheet

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