Weighing Scales

Zero waste solution for bulk retailers


11th September 2020

The push for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options has continued to be popular with Australian consumers – even with the troubles of COVID-19. The pandemic has also made us more conscious of our health and, during lockdown, given us more time to consider how we cook and what we eat.

These 2 factors have created a flourishing demand to shop at bulk retailers or boutique supermarkets focused on supplying customers with sustainable, organic or healthy wholefoods.

In fact, business seems to be booming for this style of retail experience.

But matching demand for minimalist packaging with consumer convenience has been a challenging balancing act … until now.

Wedderburn has just released a new Zero Waste Self-Service Solution that streamlines the customer experience and adds greater efficiencies at the checkout.

It works in 5 simple steps using a responsive touch screen and provides customers with the choice of bringing their own container or using containers you supply.

Step 1:  The customer uses the scale to weigh their empty container before filling it.

Step 2:  They print their self-adhesive “Empty Container” label which features a barcode containing the weight of their container. The customer then places the label onto the container. This simple step is followed for all containers.


You’ll find out in the next step.

Step 3:  Customers fill the pre-weighed containers. Then return to the scales.

Step 4:  The customer scans the “Empty Container” label which tells the scale to deduct the container’s weight from the total weight of the filled container.

Step 5:  Using the pre-programmed menu and touch screen, the customer selects the product they are purchasing. It’s weighed and a new, self-adhesive “Price” label is printed. As a result, the customer is only charged for the weight of the product – not the combined weight of the product and the container. The customer places the “Price” label on the container.


At the register, staff simply scan the clearly marked “Price” label. When the customer returns home, unpacking the shopping is a breeze because all the items are already in the customer’s preferred container.

The Benefits

  • Step-by-step instructions are displayed on the screen but the entire system is highly intuitive for customers. In fact, if they can use a smart phone, they’ll instinctively know how to use Wedderburn’s Zero Waste Solution.
  • Customers are in control of the container size they use and the amount they purchase.
  • There are shorter queues at the register because all the weighing and labelling has been completed by the customer. That means the checkout operator only needs to scan the printed “Price” label.
  • Allowing customers to bring their own containers means they spend less time unwrapping their purchases to store them in their preferred containers. It also eliminates packaging waste for customers to deal with.
  • Staff, customers and management all feel good because they are using a more sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging option that’s also high on convenience.

When combined with our compostable labels (certified to EN13432), this is the ideal solution for any retailer looking to improve their green credentials.

Which retailers will benefit from the Wedderburn Zero Waste Solution?

This new system is highly versatile and can be used for:

  • Fresh products
  • Bulk foods such as nuts, seeds and grains
  • Bulk detergents, shampoos and personal care products
  • Wine
  • Oils
  • And so much more

To discover if Wedderburn’s Zero Waste Solution is suitable for your retail business, submit our online contact form or call 1300 933 337.