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NMI Announces National Compliance Plan 2020/21 Program


23rd October 2020

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement. Among other things, they are responsible for ensuring businesses trading by weight comply with relevant trade measurement legislation.

Since 2018, the NMI has focused on assessing single industry sectors for compliance during their concentrated national audit programs. In 2020-2021 the NMI will be focusing on fruit and vegetable retailers and meat and seafood wholesalers. Over the course of the next year, trade measurement inspectors will be visiting traders in these industries to assess compliance with trade measurement legislation.

Trade measurement inspectors will also be revisiting meat, fish and poultry retailers and supermarkets who were found to be non-compliant during the 2019-2020 concentrated audit program. As well as any traders who were subject to any enforcement in the past year.

If you operate in one of these industries, here’s what you need to know:

The NMI is aiming to conduct 10,000 Trader audits in metropolitan and regional areas, test 10,000 instruments in use for trade (including, but not limited to scales), 70,000 pre-packed article lines and monitor trading practices with 1,000 secret shopper purchases to assess compliance with trade measurement legislation.

What are my obligations under trade measurement legislation?

If you use scales to sell goods by weight in your business, you must comply with trade measurement laws. You must ensure:

  • Your scales and any attached modules (i.e. POS system) are approved for Trade Use
  • Your scales and any attached modules have been verified for trade
  • The scales are used correctly by you and all staff
  • The scales are kept clean and in good working order
  • In addition, if you use scales to weigh and sell goods in your business that aren’t pre-packaged (like loose fruit and vegetables), the scales must be positioned so that your customer can easily see the weighing process
 As a trader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your weighing equipment is maintained and operating correctly at all times. NMI recommends that all scales used for trade are regularly checked by a servicing licensee. If a trade measurement inspector finds that you are short-measuring your customers, you could be fined up to $222,000. 

How can Wedderburn help?

Wedderburn is an NMI Authorised Service License holder for the verification of approved weighing devices that are suitable for trade use. Our accredited technicians can provide a full scale service, making any necessary repairs or adjustments before testing your weighing equipment to assess compliance. If the equipment is deemed to be compliant, it will be marked with an authorised verification mark and we’ll supply a notice of verification certificate. Wedderburn can suggest timing for the next re-verification / testing of your equipment.

A regular testing program is the best way to ensure your equipment maintains its accuracy and shows NMI and trade inspectors that you are meeting your obligations under trade measurement laws.

Wedderburn has been in the weighing industry since 1896, we have over 124 years of experience supplying and servicing quality equipment for Australian food retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. You can be confident when dealing with Wedderburn.

Contact Wedderburn today for more information on the NMI National Compliance Plan 2020-2021 or to book in your verification today.