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Boost Productivity and Streamline Shipping with the QuickCube® Dimensioning System


11th November 2021

The QuickCube® dimensioning and weighing system is designed to boost productivity and efficiency for applications including warehouses, distribution centres, online businesses, inbound and outbound logistics and more. QuickCube® allows you to accurately measure, weigh, and identify parcels or products placed on the scale. The data is then transferred via a PC interface to the user’s ERP or warehouse management system (WMS). While QuickCube® uses the same technology as its competitors, it is one of the most affordable dimensioning systems on the market, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses in need of accurate parcel dimensions.

How does QuickCube® work?

Place the product or shipment on the scale, press “ENT,” or scan the product barcode, and QuickCube® will provide you with all the data you need in less than 1 second. The product data is then transferred to the ERP or WMS through the PC interface. This innovative technology eliminates the need to measure or enter parcel data manually ever again!

Why consider a dimensioning system?

Today carriers in Australia determine shipping rates based on dimensional weight rather than weight alone. So, whether you’re a small or large business, you need accurate measurements to ensure your parcels are rated correctly and avoid chargebacks from carriers.

For warehouses, accurate product dimensions can help minimise packaging and transportation costs. The precise product data available from QuickCube® allows you to select the most appropriate (smallest) carton, saving money on void fill and freight charges while also reducing your impact on the environment.

In addition to helping reduce shipping costs, a dimensioning system is critical if you’re negotiating freight rates with carriers, allowing you to confidently negotiate based on accurate dimensional weight.

Why QuickCube®?

QuickCube® uses the same technology as the market leader, yet it is much more affordable and just as effective. This means that even small and medium-sized companies can use this technology to improve their logistical processes and reduce costs. To ensure suitability for a range of applications, QuickCube® is also available in two models, with the XL version designed to suit larger parcel sizes.

Supplied with standard software, QuickCube® has all the features necessary for inbound, outbound, and POS operations. Integration with third-party booking systems is also seamless and timesaving, avoiding the need for expensive IT integration.

The key advantages of the QuickCube® are:

  • Measure and weigh parcels simultaneously in less than 1 second
  • Highly accurate, weigh up to 55 kg by 10 g increments
  • Measure parcels up to 82 x 82 x 94 cm with QuickCube® XL
  • Dramatically increase productivity
  • Reduce errors and costs associated with manual data entry
  • High-quality, reliable engineering produced in Finland
  • User-friendly PC interface with multiple communication options
  • Minimal maintenance with calibration cube supplied
  • Optional barcode reader can be added to further simplify tasks

If you’re looking to boost productivity and streamline your shipping process, contact us today for more information on the QuickCube® dimensioning system.