Thermal Head Cleaning & Printer Maintenance


If you want to maximise the performance and increase the useful life of your costly thermal print head, we recommend a regular cleaning schedule.

Our selection of thermal head cleaning kits will ensure the safe and effective cleaning of your printer. Our technicians can also train you in the correct methods for cleaning, or alternatively clean your printer for you.

We recommend the following cleaning schedule:

  • for thermal transfer printing, clean the printhead with each ribbon change.
  • for direct thermal printing, clean the printhead with each new roll of labels.

Such housekeeping helps eliminate the build up of adhesive, label residue and other contaminants that form a baked-on coating that will cause premature print head failure.

In addition to internal housekeeping, Wedderburn strongly recommend an annual maintenance check.  For more advice or to place a service call, contact your local Wedderburn branch today.

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