Biodegradable labels without compromise


10th December 2019

Compostable labels are now available in Australia and New Zealand and the best news is, you don’t need to compromise on function or appearance to enhance your green credentials. Even the adhesive is compostable! The labels and adhesive are certified to EN13432, the European Industrial Composting Standard.

Thanks to an exclusive supplier agreement between Dutch company Bio4Life and Wedderburn, the labels come in a range of substrates that fully comply with standards for direct food contact (EC1935/2004 and FDA).

Since 2011, Bio4Life have been developing sustainable, self-adhesive labels as an alternative to plastic facestock. All label product components are carefully selected to ensure they are made from natural and renewable resources.

The Bio4Life range includes:

Paperwise – a paper made from sugarcane that has a beautiful, natural look with visible fibres. It comes in 2 stock types – unbleached for an organic look and a naturally bleached white version.

MC Paper – a white, wood free paper with a smooth top coating making it perfect for high quality printing. It’s FSC certified.

Natureflex – a versatile, cellulose material that has the look and feel of plastic without the waste problems. It’s available in glossy white, clear or metallic silver.

Thermo Eco – a heat sensitive paper that’s suitable for direct thermal printing. It’s made from sustainable materials and is FSC certified.

All labels and adhesive made from natural, renewable resources

What makes the Bio4Life range so unique is their commitment to ensuring they leave a minimal footprint on the environment. That’s why they only use materials that come from natural and renewable resources. This care and commitment to sustainability is then passed on to users without the need to compromise on the quality of their labels.

Most unique of all is their patented BioTAK adhesive. Again, it’s certified to EN13432 the European Industrial Composting Standard, yet it’s permanently tacky, has a strong initial tack and adheres to a wide variety of substrates.

The BioTAK adhesive is made from a water-borne PSA based on a specially modified acrylic co-polymer. It also complies with EC1935/2004 and FDA (175.105) for direct food applications. Testing is always recommended and Wedderburn is happy to provide samples.

The Australian Government requires 100% of Australian packaging to be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025 or earlier. The Bio4Life range of labels are an obvious choice for businesses looking to not only comply with the new regulations, but implement better labelling solution.

To investigate the full range of Bio4Life labels and their suitability for your business, contact Wedderburn.