Manual Food Slicer

Model: WFS35MGB3

Manual meat slicer ideal for Delis, Supermarkets and Butchers throughout Australia. Extremely quiet and CE approved.


  • high capacity carriage for extra large cuts of meat
  • stow-away product holder for slicing flexibility
  • patented Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner - NO belt slippage
  • extremely quiet and smooth drive system
  • 3rd generation blade, with low-friction cutting edge for precise low-force slicing
  • salami holder: an additional adjustable “fence” to keep round products stable when slicing
  • integral sharpener: safe, effective and always at hand to regularly sharpen the blade
  • ample operator access for fast cleanup of food debris behind blade
  • attractive highly polished aluminium alloy construction allows easy cleaning and better hygiene


Product Capacity (mm):
Maximum diameter: 260
Maximum slice thickness: 25

Dimensions (mm):

Blade Diameter: 350
Footprint: 450 (W) x 590 (D)
Working area required: 610 (W) x 800 (D)

For more details, please download the specification sheet

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