Tanita Body Composition Scales

Model: TIBC351

Tanita Body Composition Scales TIBC531 feature a super slim design with a capacity of up to 150kg. These Body Fat Scales are the perfect solution for hospitals, health clubs and medical practitioners throughout Australia.


  • super slim design with a height of 15mm, and increased maximum capacity of 150kg.
  • using Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to provide comprehensive in depth information about your body, measuring the composition of your body - water, muscle, fat & bone.
  • monitored readings include, weight, body fat, total body water, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, physique rating, muscle & bone mass.
  • large easy-to-read LCD display, with four buttons required for programming.
  • recalls stored personal data for four people from individual memory locations.
  • guest feature allows operation without affecting memory locations.
  • healthy range indicator shows where your body fat percentage falls in comparison with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.
  • suitable for Children 7 – 18, Adults & Adult Athletes.
  • readings correlate highly the most accurate professional methods of body fat measurement,i.e. DEXA & Hydrodensitometry.
  • battery operation, with auto power shut off

150kg x 50 / 100g

Platform size (mm):    
296 (W) x 302 (D) x 15 (H)

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