Premium Scanner Scale

Model: DL9800I

DL9800I is a premium scanner scale for high volume checkouts. The scanner offers a state-of-art imaging scanner that provides maximum throughput for 1D/2D barcodes.

A customer facing imager allows shoppers to quickly and easily self-scan digital coupons from mobile devices, paper-based coupons & loyalty cards.


  • maximum throughput for both 1D and 2D barcodes at full sweep scanning speed
  • captures and processes images at incredibly fast rates
  • Datalogic Illumix illumination technology makes it easy on the operators eyes with no bright lighting causing irritation
  • imaging from all 7 reading planes and improves the reading of damaged barcodes
  • all-weighs scale platter provides extra area for weighing the long products 
  • integrated customer facing reader that allows the customer to scan their coupon or loyalty ID from a card, paper or from their mobile device allowing the operator to continue checkout reducing total transaction time
  • the top down facing reader captures the codes from on top of the products reduces scanning times and strain for the operator having to rotate products
  • integrated checkpoint and Nedap compatible EAS antenna or an aftermarket Sensormatic EAS antenna


15kg x 5g

Platform size:

292 (W) x 399.9 (L) x 169.6 (H)

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