Order Track System


The Order Track PDA Application is used to scan GS1-128 barcodes in a Receive or Despatch operation. Receiving is used to allocate products to Purchase Order and the Supplier, Despatch is used to allocate products to an Order Number and a Customer.


•rugged PDA scanner, IP65 environmental protection and can with stand multiple drops of up to 1.8m
•flexible wireless communications
•long battery life, 13 hours of continuous operation
•charging cradle
•simple easy to use App allows for Receive and Despatch operations
•product and customer data can be uploaded to PDA via USB or WiFi
•send scanned data on PDA to Order Track back office software via WiFi or USB
•duplicate validation check for Despatch operation
•scan history feature shows log of all saved received and despatch records
•report generation for Receive and Despatch

For more details please download the specification sheet

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