Automatic Pouch Bagging Machine


Swifty Junior Bagger is a high speed entry level automatic pouch bagging machine that can automatically open, fill and seal pre-made pouches at an efficient packing speed of 15 bags per minute.


  • packaging rate up to 15 bags per minute
  • operates using a variety of bag or pouch styles; 3 or 4 sided seal pillow pouches, stand up bags, gusseted pouches & quad seal bags
  • 5.7 inch touch screen for easy operation
  • easily adjusted bag loading station ensures that the bags enter the machine perfectly square, resulting in consistent output and seals
  • stainless steel construction
  • high quality Omron PLC, temperature controller & colour touch screen
  • easily integrates with other auxiliary filling machines including; PrimoCombi multihead weigher, PrimoLinear net weigher and Star Auger for powders

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